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Foot Reflexology


1 hour for £45

Reflexology is a form of ancient Chinese medicine that involves massage to the 'reflex points' found in the feet and hands. These points represent  different organs and  parts of the body. Areas where a problem exists can show in the corresponding reflex points.  Every part of the human body is represented in the feet and hands and therefore treatment can be given to the whole body by applying pressure to the appropriate points. 

Hand Reflexology


45 mins for £40

This can be more suitable for certain clients such as people who have highly sensitive feet or specific foot conditions preventing the area from being treated.  Applying reflexology to their hands would allow them to experience reflexology and its benefits first hand.  It may provide additional relief to people with an occupation focused around the hands, such as office workers, guitarists or a gardener.   



60 mins for £45 or 90 mins for £55

The treatment session will take place with the recipient either sitting or lying comfortably in a relaxing environment. The practitioner's hands are placed lightly on or above the body to allow the reiki energy to flow.   The recipient may be able to feel the flow of energy and experience warmth, coolness, tingling, colours or may experience nothing at all. 

Seated Back, Shoulder and Neck Massage


1 hour for £45

Indian Head Massage has its origins in India where it has been part of daily routine for many years.  Originally only including massage to the head and scalp, the more modern version that I offer includes massage  of the shoulders, upper back, and neck. This massage can provide physical, mental and spiritual benefits including:- deep whole body relaxation, muscle relaxation, improved circulation, improved joint mobility, calmness and peace and a general feeling of wellbeing.  During the massage you sit in a supportive seat.  I ask that clients wear clothing that will allow access to their upper back and neck areas, alternatively the massage can be performed through clothing.

​AromaTouch Technique Massage


Full treatment £40 (1 hour) 

Hand treatment £25  (30 mins)

AromaTouch Technique is a simple and powerful way to deliver an essential oils experience to you. The technique uses certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils to help with immune function, lower stress, reduce inflammation and bring balance to the body.   Eight essential oils are used for their specific effects on the body and are applied to the spine and feet. The oils are then gently moved along the energy meridians.  AromaTouch is a relaxing treatment for all.   AromaTouch can also be applied to the hands. The Hand Technique is simple and powerful and any of the doTerra essential oils or essential oil blends can be used. Oils are selected based on the needs of each individual


aromatherapy essential oils

Fixed consultation cost £20 (45 mins)

Cost of oil blend varies depending on the oils uses (Average cost £10 for a personally blended 10ml roller bottle)

Aromatherapy has been around since ancient times and is a healing treatment that uses natural plant extracts to promote overall health and well being. Also known as essential oil therapy, Aromatherapy uses different oils to improve health of the body, mind and spirit.  

This therapy can benefit all areas of life including pain management, improved sleep, stress reduction, headaches and boost the immune system to name a few.

I will ask you about your lifestyle to build a picture of what would be beneficial to your own unique situation and then mix a blend of oils just for you.

Animal Reiki


I can perform Reiki on a variety of animals including dogs, horses, guinea pigs, fish and birds.  Whilst some animals may not wish to engage, I have found that many are happy to receive Reiki and owners have often seen positive changes after the treatment such as a more relaxed disposition.

Reiki Drum Healing


Gentle and soft drumming is used over the client whilst channelling Reiki energy. 

Reiki Drum Healing can be used to relax and clear blockages in the energy field. Mental and emotional reprogramming  can be used where a particular focus can be set on a specific area that the client would like to change. Alternatively the client can  journey into the sub-conscious to achieve a deeply meditative state and look for direction in their life.

Hands on Reiki can also be integrated into the treatment sessions to heal and balance the body, mind and  spirit.

About Me

John Wilmot, Practitioner


I qualified as a Reflexologist with the Bayly  School.  I am a qualified Reiki  Practitioner and Master Teacher.  

I have been interested in alternative therapies for years.  I enjoy continuing to expand my knowledge and learn new skills.   

Aylesbury Treatment Room


Customers can visit me in Aylesbury for reflexology and reiki treatments.  Alternatively, I am able to travel to see clients in their own homes (subject to distance). 

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