Animal Reiki

Reiki Animal Guinea Pig Ronnie Rocky

Ronnie & Rocky

These two beautiful boars were in  their enclosure inside their owners house. They had great little personalities and I think both enjoyed their sessions.  Rocky was very chilled out and made low tweeting noises of contentment.  Ronnie headed straight for the water bottle for a few sips and before going off under the small stool in his enclosure to sit with Rocky.

They were both very chilled out afterwards and their owner told me that they had not seen Rocky yawn before  which he was doing afterwards.    

Reiki for Bow the horse in his stable


I attended Bow at his stable to give him some Reiki on a weekday evening.   After taking time to become comfortable having me in his stable, Bow was happy to connect with me to receive some Reiki. The connection with him was very strong and he was very relaxed and dreamy. 

Freddie the dog has enjoyed multiple Reiki sessions.


I have given Freddie Reiki a number of times both in person and at a distance. He is already comfortable around me as I have known him all his life.  

I gave him Reiki one sunny afternoon and it relaxed him a great deal.  I retuned when there were lots of fireworks being let off which was scaring him. I connected with him and shared Reiki which calmed him down and made it easier for him to cope with the loud sounds from the night sky.



I have shared Reiki with two sets of fish and both times I have had the sensation of an intense babble of voices intermingled with gushing water. I think that the fish were engaged with the energy. I could feel each of their individual energies in the tank but also the overall energy that comes from creatures that live together in the same environment. 

During these experiences, some fish will watch from afar while others swim up to the wall of the tank near my hands.   



Bruce is a Magpie that frequents my garden. I sat in the garden in the morning getting settled in a chair near where he comes to feed. Once he had settled, I connected to Reiki and set my intent.  He stopped what he was doing, looked at me and I felt a strong connection with him. He sat motionless for about ten minutes just looking in my direction pulsing gently.  After this, the connection was lost and he flew a short distance away to watch me. It was an interesting experience treating Bruce. He was quite engaged, still and trusting for a ‘wild’ bird  it was lovely to be able to share the Reiki energy with him.



There were a total of 5 snails in their colony.  I was lucky enough to meet and spend time with some giant snails and to give some of them Reiki.  Brian felt very warm with my hands held near to him and he settled down quickly. I sat with him for a number of minutes before changing my focus to using the reiki energy on his heart chakra.  I was particularly drawn towards his tail area and so stayed there for a while. I believe that he really enjoyed the experience of the energy that we shared.  Afterwards, Brian was far more active than the other snails.